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No two things can ever be the same, however similar. Even the simplest of objects or the most tedious of actions has infinite and perpetually changing possibilities forced upon it. Yet, in isolation the individual has no meaning, for without reference or comparison there is no means of evaluation.


The repetitive process provides such a basis for evaluation. As the vagaries of ”likeness” and realities of “difference" become apparent, so too does the importance of the individual part and its relationship to the whole.


Whilst similarities may satisfy a need for order, and offer an overall picture; they lead to generalisation and gross misunderstanding. In closer observation, differences emerge and such limitations are ultimately challenged. The individual reasserts itself and underlines the unique qualities of existence and experience.

The conclusions that we seek to draw from the likeness of events are unreliable, because events are always unlike... Resemblance does not make things as much alike as difference makes them dissimilar.


Ryan Durrant - HARRY 1995